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 About Penny

Penelope, who goes by the nick name Penny, has been interested in the beauty business since she was a young girl. She grew up in South-Eastern AZ, where her father was a miner and her mother was a "beautician" as they were called back then. When her mother was going to beauty school, Penny loved to go hang out and let some of the girls "practice their skills" on her. This is where her interest in the beauty field grew.

Penny always had a love for Prescott, having visited many times and having family that lived here, she knew this was the place she wanted to be.


In the year 2000 Penny was able to move to Prescott and fulfill her dream of becoming a professional in the beauty business. She found an absolute love for permanent makeup and found herself being able to work at the job of her dreams in the permanent cosmetics field.


Penny apprenticed and worked for and eventually was certified by in the art of Permanent eyebrows, Permanent eyeliner, and Permanent lips by the highly successful and a leader in pioneering permanent cosmetics, Barbara Denney.


Penny became a local licensed business owner and opened her first Beauty Salon in 2018. She had 5 professional stylists that worked alongside her. Later in 2024 she closed her salon and opened her next business venture that only caters to permanent makeup and anti-aging skin care.

Penny is a licensed esthetician, has her certification in Microblading and is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). She also has been in her field since 2007. She continually stays on top of education to make sure she is on the forefront of the latest and greatest services.


Penny loves the field of work she chose and has only her clients wants and needs in mind when designing the perfect look for the individual. She will only proceed with the procedure with the clients approval of the design.


As we age, we lose hair from our brows, eyelashes become scarce and skin color in our lips tend to fade. Penny will take the time with each client to help bring back color and esthetically, beautiful solutions that will stay in place no matter what your doing. As Penny says, "Beauty Becomes You!"


Contact us today to make your appointment! Penny and her team are so excited to meet you!

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